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Ax development tools

Various Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2102 development tools which has been found useful:
  1. Saving errors (logging) and possibility to save debug log from code (My favorite)
  2. Ax instance marking with title prefix + status bar color
  3. Extended field info by pressing F2, options to open object in AOT or browse record
  4. Table browser extensions: can browse temp buffer, can open given record from code
  5. Improved "Show all fields" - shows hidden fields, more compact view
  6. Setting current code project
  7. Add object to current project from AOT and X++ editor
  8. X++ editor scripts
  9. Search for given object in projects
  10. Generate job to delete AOT object or part of object (from controls etc.)
  11. XPO export - save label language selection
  12. XPO import - remove identical button
  13. XPO import - place project-less objects in current project
  14. Add object to current project when checkout in version control
  15. XPO import - automatic check-out/add to version control

Install by XPO or Model.
See "ADP Ax 2012 Development Tools.docx" for further info.

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